Client Testimonals

Kim Mcmohan

Jeannine Medeiros

I have been visiting Nu Waxing workshop for over 5 years.

Nu Waxing Workshop provides the highest quality and prefessionalism that I've experienced in Hong Kong and this is why I've been a client for so many years.

I would definitely recommend Nu Waxing Workshop to my friends. The services and people are great!


Elliet Rosich

Beth Stone

I have visited Nu Waxing workshop for i think only 4 times to get my Brazillian wax but I am so happy with result.

I have been to a waxing salon in Hong Kong for over 3 years before I came here and I always had a lot of ingrown hair and red bumps.

I thought waxing causes ingrown hair but after coming here, they helped me to get rid of my ingrown hair problems and I can finally have a smooth skin. I don't have any problem till now. This waxing salon is great! ;) Must give it a try!


Donna MacDonald

The IPL Hair Removal is amazing! I could see a result immediately. I tried it on my underarm and G-string area. I had very deep ingrown hairs because I sweat a lot. After 2 sessions of IPL hair removal, the hair underneath the skin came right out. I almost have no more hair under my underarms.

NaNa Yee

I would recommend to everyone to try out the IPL photo facial. It's quick and you can really see a difference straight after the facial. Your skin feels firm , has a glowy look weeks, an even complexion. The facial even helped my freckles to lighten. BEST FACIAL EVER!!!