Brazilian Waxing (Hot wax only)

Ingrown Hairs, black head, bumps, itchiness after shaving etc. Are those bugging you? We specialize in Brazilian waxing. A nearly painless waxing can help you getting rid of all these problems! Don’t doubt, say good-bye to your troubles with us!


Wax off a clean line on the sides of the underwear.


Wax off from the sides of the underwear and a bit from the top.


All off from front to back.


All off from the back to front with a landing strip in the middle.

50% OFF all waxing service – first time customer only

Senior Therapist Head Therapist
Female Male Female Male
Bikini $320 $400 $420 N/A
G-Sting $410 $550 $510 N/A
Brazilian $560 N/A $660 N/A
Hollywood $540 N/A $640 N/A

There will be a 10% charge fee on all waxing services and facial treatments