IPL Photo Rejuvenation

The term “Photorejuvenation” refers to the non-invasive treatment of red and brown pigment that leaves a smooth skin texture and even complexion, yielding a more youthful appearance. IPL Skin Treatments are a safe, effective and popular way to improve the signs of aging from the face, neck, chest, arms and hands. This in-office procedure is typically requires four to six sessions of about 20 – 60 minutes each, performed at three-week intervals. Therefore, a series of treatments may take about fifteen weeks to complete. The IPL procedure is gentle, non-invasive and safe, requiring no downtime. In fact, many people even schedule their sessions during their lunch breaks. Additionally, our IPL treatments are customized to each individual’s specific skin type and condition, providing the best possible results.

Photorejuvenation. [Photo = Light; Rejuvenation = to make young again] is the process of improving the skin color and texture through the use of light energy.

What can Photorejuvenation treat?

IPL or Photofacial, is an excellent way to safely and effectively treat the following in one comprehensive treatment

  • sun damaged skin

  • brown discolouration, age or liver spots and freckles

  • redness, flushing and broken capillaries

  • rosacea

  • enlarged pores

  • dull complexion

  • mild fine wrinkling and scarring

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